Fairhope Yacht Club Auxiliary

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Membership in the Auxiliary enables members and spouses of members to play an active role in the club. Though we are an independent organization within the FYC, our mission is  both supportive and developmental.  We hope you will joining us.  Read more about our programs and activities in WHAT WE DO!


1)  We support and nurture events and projects of FYC and   to  promote new events and projects of interest for the betterment of the club as a whole.

2)  To assist in promoting yachting activities.

3) To promote friendship among members and their families .

Our Auxiliary initiates and fully lends itself to the support of many wonderful events throughout the year. You may have already participated in many them or at least have heard of these events. Here are some of the activities held in 2015 and 2016.

New officers were elected for the Auxiliary in October 2015. Many of the activities conducted at this time were already slated by the previous  officers, such as the USA School of Nursing’s Bake Sale in November. The Auxiliary has taken responsibility for the club decorating  in the year ahead for special events and holidays. Many loyal volunteers always come  join together to put the decorations together in time for the Holiday Tea followed by the always splendid Commodores Ball.

January 2016 began with the ballroom being decorated for the New Year’s Eve Ball, where the FYC members danced the Old Year out and the New Year in.  January 11th began the Chili Bowl series of three races, which ended in a rollicking night of fun with presentations of awards to the winners of the three races, and the 4th annual Chili Cook-Off. This Cook-Off is an all out competition for the winner of the one who makes the best chili.

February 2015  the 14th brought the St. Valentine’s dance and special decorations, which were once again beautifully designed by our talented volunteers. This year we published a lovely calendar, which featured several of our members, along with their specialty food items.   This was a fruitful fundraiser netting us a nice profit to be used toward the installation of enclosures for the lower level of the club to make it more comfortable during inclement weather.

March 2015 During the month of March we were busy planning for our fashion show held on April 15th. We know this will net us another nice profit toward our projected Auxiliary projects. Once again some dedicated members provided their time and expertise to decorate the club for St. Patrick’s Day.

April 2015 April and May are busy months for the Auxiliary. We will be asking a planning committee to come together to help plan events for the balance of 2015 through 2016.

2015 May CookbookAnother of our activities for the year is a Fairhope Yacht Club Auxiliary Cook Book featuring over 300 favorite recipes from our FYC and FYCA members.

Throughout the year the Auxiliary has hosted a Welcome Aboard Luncheon to help the new yacht club members get to know some of our other members in a smaller and more intimate setting.

Also throughout the year, the Auxiliary has assisted the FYC in the Porch Social being held once every month either on the porch overlooking our lovely harbor or in cooler weather inside near the fireplace in the ballroom.

We have a Sunshine committee.  Two of our dedicated volunteers kindly keep our membership informed of those who have suffered some unfortunate circumstances. They send and follow up with cards and calls to offer encouragement.

One of our newly initiated activities this year was to supply our ladies room with  nicely appreciated toiletries.

As in years past the Auxiliary will assist the FYC in the Children’s Regatta. This is a very large sailing event and fundraiser and has been tremendously successful in raising several thousands of dollars for the Children’s Hospital.

Traditionally, we hold our monthly meetings on the first Friday of every month.  These are held mainly in the Jubilee Room starting with a luncheon at 11:00 a.m.  All meetings have included fun activities and wonderfully informative speakers.  We encourage new membership and look forward to your help in volunteering for  the activities. It takes many hands and active minds to pull all these wonderful  activities and events together. Without your help it would not be possible. You can and will make a difference and we encourage your input. Fun volunteerism is a very good way to get to feel involved in the FYC and get to know other club members.

Membership in the auxiliary enables members, spouses and significant others of FYC club members to play an active role in the Club. We function as an independent and support organization for the FYC. The FYCA initiates and supports many fun social events you’ve probably already participated in. We also support specialized events such the Easter Egg Hunt, a Christmas party with Santa, and provide financial support for many miscellaneous activities. But there’s more!

Special funds we raise are used to support improvements and maintenance of the actual FYC club house as well as other worthy endeavors. Fun volunteer opportunities, beyond the practical benefits, is a great way to get involved with the Club and get to know other Club members. The Auxiliary is always looking for volunteers to help out with the many different social events, fund raisers and racing events, etc. There are various committees, so that you can volunteer in whichever way you like and to whichever level you are comfortable with. Although FYCA traditionally hosts certain events, we are open to new ideas and vary our calendar from year to year. In the past we’ve hosted; fashion shows, and various theme parties.

2015 Fashion Show
We Support Special Events:

• FYC Club Improvements
• Youth Sailing
• FYC Club House
• Community Groups

Traditionally, we hold a monthly luncheon meetings on the first Friday of the month, where we plan our upcoming events. If you are interested in learning more about the Auxiliary, please don’t hesitate to call or e-mail us.